Sources: Mayor Bob Filner's attorneys in mediation that includes possible resignation

Two sources reveal meeting to Team 10

SAN DIEGO - A closed-door mediation session regarding the future of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was held Monday and attended by Filner, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, attorney Gloria Allred and others, but no immediate resolution was reached.

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., Allred and her client, former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson, exited the building. Filner was not seen leaving the building.

Allred briefly addressed the media, saying, "The mediation is ongoing."

McCormack Jackson is suing the city and the mayor for sexual harassment.

Allred said J. Lawrence Irving, a retired federal judge, presided over the mediation, which sources said was designed to include a review of a potential resignation by Filner.

Team 10 discovered Filner and his attorneys entered 101 West Broadway Monday morning. Team 10's sources said the mayor was on the 15th floor, where the U.S. Attorney's Office is located. However, it was not clear if that was where the mediation was held.

Allred and her client entered the building a short time after Filner. City Councilmen Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria -- with Gloria entering separately -- also entered the building, but it was not immediately clear if Faulconer and Gloria were directly involved in the mediation.

Just after 7 p.m., Goldsmith, Faulconer and Gloria left the building. Goldsmith confirmed a mediation session is underway, but they will not be commenting any further.

Goldsmith did not comment when asked when the next mediation session would happen.

"The mediation is ongoing and we're not going to comment on it at the request of the mediator," said Goldsmith. "We agree with that."

What the city attorney cannot discuss is whether he put pressure on the embattled mayor to resign.

Mediator and former U.S. Magistrate Judge Leo Papas told 10News that there is a strong chance none of parties were ever face-to-face in that mediation meeting.

"You are not allowed to talk about it," Papas said. "If you talk about mediation, literally, you can be sanctioned for it."

He added, "Most of the time, depending on the circumstances and the dispute, they end up meeting in separate caucuses."

Papas said mediation like this could take a long time.

"It could take months," he said.

The mayor has refused to resign as a recall effort to oust him from office got underway on Sunday. The mayor also has denied mounting allegations of sexual harassment by numerous women, including city workers, former military rape victims and other prominent women in the San Diego community.

Filner's Irvine-based private lawyer, James Payne, said the mayor took a "personal week" last week, but has not responded to inquiries about when he might return to work.

The mayor, accused of sexual harassment by numerous women and under investigation for alleged misuse of city-issued credit cards and shakedowns of developers, has not been seen in public for around three weeks.

Two inside, anonymous sources informed Team 10 of the mediation session.

Filner's supporters held a rally at noon outside City Hall, as former mayoral candidate and current congressional candidate Carl DeMaio urged for more support for the recall effort.

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