TurboTax crashes at crucial time: Users reported problems with popular online tax service Sunday

SAN DIEGO - Procrastinators using Turbotax to file went into panic mode Sunday night. Users reported issues between 6:40 p.m. and 7:50 p.m. while trying to file their returns using the online system.

People quickly tweeted their complaints.
Adena Andrews tweeted, "Turbotax is failing at the most important time ever."
Another user, Kevin Kobelisk, tweeted to the company, "Not a great experience this year. Wound up overpaying because I couldn't deal with website issues."
"Some customers did experience slow page loads or errors when they came to log on," said Intuit spokeswoman Julie Miller.
Miller did not know how many people were affected by the issues. She said the the root cause was a configuration error and some settings needed to be adjusted to accommodate all the traffic.
"It's always disappointing when we don't meet our expectations for service and customer's expectations for service," she said.
In another what some are calling an "oops" moment, Turbotax tweeted this before acknowledging the problem: "Dependence isn't always great, but it is at #Taxtime! Aren't you curious to find out why?"
Another user tweeted, "You guys should probably stop promoting your service on twitter right now, since, you know, it's not working..#turbotax #fail."
Miller said those were scheduled tweets.
"And we had two that got out before we could turn off those," she said. "We know people on Twitter need to hear from us about the issue at hand and not the additional tweets."
The problem was eventually fixed but Team 10 wanted to know what Intuit is doing to stop it from happening again.
"We will certainly do root-cause analysis and post-mortem so we know what we can do better next time," said Miller.
The site is now back up and running. Last year, 25 million people used Turbotax.
Because of extra holidays and a leap year, the season lasted just 75 days compared to last year's 102 days. 
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