Team 10 Troubleshooter helps soldiers get the deal they were promised

Soldiers: Company didn't honor deal on loadout bag

SAN DIEGO - Soldiers said they thought they nabbed a great Black Friday deal on loadout bags, which military use to travel, but contacted Team 10 when the company rescinded the offer.

The bags were promoted by Tactical Assault Gear in San Diego at a sale price of $51, marked down from $668.

Sgt. 1st Class John Green and his fellow soldiers from the Bravo Company Second Battalion, 14th Infantry, bought eight bags.

Some soldiers said they were wary of a deal that sounded too good to be true, so some customers asked about the price before they bought the bags.

One customer asked on the company’s Facebook page, "Were those loadout bags really 93 percent off? I didn't purchase anything because I just couldn't believe those prices were accurate.”

The company responded on Facebook, writing, "Loadout bags are priced correctly. Get them while you can.”

But Green said the soldiers later got an email from the company stating there was a technical system issue regarding the Black Friday sale, and the sale price would not be honored.

The entire post was deleted after Team 10 first checked the site.

"You know a lot of these soldiers don't make a lot of money so this is a good deal for them," said Green via Skype based in Fort Drum, New York.

"They are more concerned with the monetary loss and that's kind of a shame," said Green.

Team 10 went the Tactical Assault Gear location San Diego to see if a resolution could be reached, but the crew was asked to leave.

Later, the president of the parent company to Tactical Assault Gear told Team 10 that the deal would, in fact, be honored.

"Well, we didn't understand what took place, but we've come to the conclusion that yes, it's in everybody's best interest to honor this price," said Bill Hudson, the president of L.C. Industries.

As for being asked to leave the store, Hudson said that is not the way his company does business.

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