San Diego city councilman gets involved in Point Loma trash can dispute

Councilman Kevin Faulconer hopes to resolve issue

SAN DIEGO - A potential solution is on the horizon for residents in a Point Loma neighborhood who have been storing their waste receptacles in their alleys for years.

"I've been very frustrated in trying to deal with the city," said longtime Loma Portal resident Jerry Cluff, referring to waste receptacles behind his house and many others in an alley.

Cluff said he and his neighbors have been storing the receptacles in the alley for decades, and he added, "It's just unimaginable that the city would spend its time and resources to try and force people to make these kinds of changes."

The city of San Diego is asking residents to remove waste receptacles from the alley on non-collection days. The city issued red violation notices last month after one person complained about excess trash in the alley, but no one complained about the receptacles themselves.

The problem is while some residents have excess space off the alley to store their receptacles, many don't, unless they want to block their garage.

Cluff told 10News he tried several times to meet with representatives of the city's Environmental Services Department, but he said they ignored him. Instead, they sent him a letter reaffirming their decision that the receptacles must go. Cluff's story prompted 10News to contact the office of City Councilman Kevin Faulconer.

"It just doesn't make sense to me," said Faulconer, who also told 10News he was not happy to learn how Cluff had been treated by the city.

"Anytime a neighbor wants to interact with the city, the city owes them the ability to get back to them even if they disagree, so to have no response in this case or even a form letter does not sit well with me," Faulconer said.

Cluff said, "They've created a problem that did not exist."

It's a problem Faulconer said must be solved to his constituents' satisfaction.

"We need to figure out a solution that's going to work and just use our heads to try and make common sense out of it," he said.

Faulconer has called a meeting on Monday afternoon between representatives from the city's Environmental Services Department and neighbors from Loma Portal.

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