Chelsea King's brother Tyler making documentary to help change laws in U.S.

Director Bruce Caulk helping with production

SAN DIEGO - For the first time, Chelsea King's brother is opening up about how the death of his sister has forever altered him.

Three years ago, 17-year-old Chelsea King was raped and murdered. Now, 16-year-old Tyler King has come up with a way not only to honor his sister, but to change the country, one viewer at a time.

Tyler is behind a documentary now in production, and in the film, he said, "My future is kind of, it's dampened without her."

"He came to us and said, 'I want to make a documentary. The kids are the ones who get hurt by this violence and they don't have a voice, dad, so I want to give them a voice,'" said Brent King, Tyler's father.

At first, he and his wife, Kelly, had some reservations.

The Kings had done everything to shield their son since Chelsea's death. But in the documentary, Tyler shows he's ready to talk about losing his beloved sister.

"You get really lonely at home because you're used to having this constant in your life," Tyler said  in the film.

The Kings didn't know where to begin with a documentary until they met Bruce Caulk, an award-winning director of documentaries, films and commercials.

"As a father, as a coach, as just a person who cares, you really can't say no to this," Caulk said.

Caulk said he wants to do justice to Chelsea's story, and reaction to previews has been strong.

"There's Navy SEALs there in tears," Caulk said of the previews. "I mean, no one's impervious to this emotion of what happened to Chelsea."

Chelsea went for a run in February 2010 and never came back. John Gardner was convicted of killing the Poway High School student, and he is serving a life sentence in the California State Prison at Corcoran.

The hope with the documentary is that Chelsea's story will go viral.

"How can you do it without really telling the truth about it and the truth is ugly; the truth is dangerous," Caulk said.

But awareness without action isn't enough for Caulk and the Kings. They want young people to motivate the adults around them to push for Chelsea's Law in every state.

Chelsea's Law is a California law that puts the most violent child sex offenders in prison for life.
What would Chelsea think of the documentary?

"I think Chelsea and Tyler are working together on this," Brent King said.

Thousands of San Diegans reached out to the Kings the moment Chelsea disappeared. Her father wants to thank them.

"They helped inspire Tyler to make the world safer," Brent King said. "It's what Chelsea would have wanted … she wanted to change the world and she's doing it."

Chelsea's documentary is far from finished. In fact, Caulk and the Kings need to raise about $350,000 to complete it.

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