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4/23/14 -- Stadium Ghost:  Video from a soccer broadcast in Bolivia shows a shadowy figure gliding through the stands, even appearing to run through a barrier.  Last year people in Venezuela thought they saw the ghost of late-President Hugo Chavez block a shot during a game.

4/16/14 -- Hypnotized Bunny:  A viral video shows a rabbit in a hypnotic trance getting a bath.  There is an actual technique for hypnotizing a bunny by turning it over and rubbing its nose.

4/1/14 -- April Fools Pranks:  Many companies have created hoax products in honor of April Fools Day.  That includes a fake Cheetos perfume from Frito-Lay.

3/27/14 -- Ghostly Video:  Surveillance video from a general store in New Hampshire shows a glass cake cover appearing to fly off a counter on its own.

3/5/14 -- Hoverboard Video:  A video online claims to show a company's new Hoverboard invention.  This is a fictional creation of a company called HuvrTech, whose intentions are not yet clear.

3/3/14 -- Happy Birthday Colin:  A special birthday Facebook page in honor of a Michigan boy with few friends has gone viral.

2/20/14 -- Radio Shack Ad:  A Radio Shack newspaper ad from 1991 contains more than $3,000 worth of items that, with 2 exceptions, can all now be replaced with one smart phone.

2/18/14 -- Camera Falls in Pigpen:  A viral video posted on YouTube appears to show a GoPro camera falling from a plane into a pig pen where it's then chewed upon by a pig.  The video is apparently real as confirmed by a spokesman from NorCal Skydiving.

2/5/14 -- Plastic Snow:  Videos posted on YouTube claim to show evidence that fake plastic snow is falling in the U.S.  In the videos, the snow doesn't dissolve into water when held up to a lighter, and black scorch marks are left behind.  But this is all a natural phenomenon explained in this video along with this one.

2/4/14 -- Chicken McNuggets:  A video posted by McDonald's shows how Chicken McNuggets are made, refuting the claim that the product is made from pink slime.

1/29/14 -- Mars UFO?:  A video posted on Youtube shows an unknown object streaking past Mars.  It was photographed by NASA's Mars Rover and is a legitimate picture posted on the agency's website.

11/5/13 -- Burger Napkin:  A Japanese fast food chain has increased sales of it's signature burger by giving women a special "Liberation Wrapper" napkin to hide their face.

10/21/13 -- Textured Touchscreen:  Disney is working on a new touchscreen that has texture you can actually feel.

10/16/13 -- Cat Wine:  The B&H Lifes company has created a new wine specifically for cats.

10/2/13 -- Paid To Stay In Bed :  NASA is paying people up to $18,000 to stay in a tilted bed for 70 days. You can find information on the study here.

9/19/13 -- Medical Mistakes :  A new study claims medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in the United States.

8/5/13 -- Amazing Plane Video :  A video being sent around social media shows what appears to be a stunning landing after a plane loses a wing.  However, the video is fake and this video shows how it was made.

7/31/13 -- Customer Service:  A website gives you numbers that allow you to bypass automated customer service systems and talk to a real person.

6/10/13 -- Super Moon:  There will be a so-called Super Moon on June 23rd during which the moon will be significantly larger and brighter due to its proximity to the Earth.

2/27/13 -- Crazy Hotel Rooms: Treehotel in Sweden offers a variety of crazy rooms in the middle of a forest.  The rooms resemble everything from a ufo, to a bird's nest, to a lego toy.

2/26/13 -- Naked Hotel Man: A video that has gone viral shows a naked man get locked out of his hotel room and make his way to the lobby.

2/19/13 -- Amazing Pencil Drawings: Pencil drawings by an artist named Diego Fazio look exactly like photographs.

2/8/13 -- Human-Faced Dog: A dog with an eerily human-like face is up for adoption in Indiana.

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