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2/13/15 -- Bookniture:  A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for furniture that collapses into the shape of a book for easy storage.

2/12/15 -- Frozen Mall:  Pictures show the inside of a mall blanketed in snow.  They were taken last week after the skylight broke and snow covered the interior of the abandoned Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio.

12/12/14 -- Dog Calendar:  An inspirational 2015 calendar is out featuring Obie the dog who lost 40 pounds and had tummy tuck surgery.

12/3/14 -- Bear Chase Video:  A video posted online claims to show a man on a bicycle being chased by a bear through the woods.  The video appears to be fake for various reasons, including the unusual clarity of the bear compared to the background.

10/10/14 -- Red Bull Settlement:  A misleading story claims a man sued Red Bull because he failed to grow wings as the company's ads promised.  The suit actually involved claims that Red Bull would improve concentration and athletic ability.  Anyone who bought Red Bull in the last 12 years can submit a claim to receive $10 or two free Red Bull products.

9/9/14 -- Obama Speech:  A video being sent around social media appears to show President Obama making a speech in which he argues against freedom.  But it's simply an edited version of a speech in March in which the President argued against totalitarianism.  Here is PolitiFact's analysis of the edit and a transcript of the speech.

7/28/14 -- 809 Area Code:  An email going around warns people about scams forcing people to make expensive calls to the Dominican Republic.  You can check where any area code is from by using the Search Bug website.

6/23/14 -- Cardboard Art:  Art student Kai Xiang Xhong makes incredible works of art out of cardboard.  Pictures of his work are posted on his Facebook page.

5/26/14 -- Amazing Photos:  Images posted online show photos that appear to be artistic paintings.  They're actually the work of photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Veronica Ershova.

4/29/14 -- Cloaking Spray:  A video posted online by the University of Michigan School of Engineering claims to show a new cloaking spray that can make objects transparent.  But it's just an April Fools prank. Last year the school posted another fake video showing the teleportation of a key.

4/23/14 -- Stadium Ghost:  Video from a soccer broadcast in Bolivia shows a shadowy figure gliding through the stands, even appearing to run through a barrier.  Last year people in Venezuela thought they saw the ghost of late-President Hugo Chavez block a shot during a game.

4/16/14 -- Hypnotized Bunny:  A viral video shows a rabbit in a hypnotic trance getting a bath.  There is an actual technique for hypnotizing a bunny by turning it over and rubbing its nose.

4/1/14 -- April Fools Pranks:  Many companies have created hoax products in honor of April Fools Day.  That includes a fake Cheetos perfume from Frito-Lay.

3/27/14 -- Ghostly Video:  Surveillance video from a general store in New Hampshire shows a glass cake cover appearing to fly off a counter on its own.

3/5/14 -- Hoverboard Video:  A video online claims to show a company's new Hoverboard invention.  This is a fictional creation of a company called HuvrTech, whose intentions are not yet clear.

3/3/14 -- Happy Birthday Colin:  A special birthday Facebook page in honor of a Michigan boy with few friends has gone viral.

2/20/14 -- Radio Shack Ad:  A Radio Shack newspaper ad from 1991 contains more than $3,000 worth of items that, with 2 exceptions, can all now be replaced with one smart phone.

2/18/14 -- Camera Falls in Pigpen:  A viral video posted on YouTube appears to show a GoPro camera falling from a plane into a pig pen where it's then chewed upon by a pig.  The video is apparently real as confirmed by a spokesman from NorCal Skydiving.

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