Seth MacFarlane says 'no way' he'll host Oscars again

'Family Guy' creator gets mixed reviews

LOS ANGELES - Seth MacFarlane said Tuesday there's "no way" he will host the Oscars again, despite helping to deliver a sharp bump in the ceremony's television ratings among the coveted young-adult demographic -- particularly men.

Queried on his Twitter page if he would host again if asked, the "Family Guy" creator responded, "No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though."

He added later that the Oscars "is basically the Kobayashi Maru test," a reference to a "no-win scenario" exam given to Starfleet Academy cadets in the "Star Trek" film series.

MacFarlane was hired to host the Oscars despite his reputation for bawdy humor, earned through his creation of the animated shows "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show." MacFarlane also wrote and directed the hit summer comedy film "Ted," which focused on a foul-mouthed talking teddy bear.

The hiring of MacFarlane as Oscar host was a clear attempt to attract a younger audience to the telecast, and ratings indicated the effort succeeded. Preliminary Nielsen figures showed a 2.4 percent overall jump in viewership, including a 20 percent increase among viewers aged 18-34 and 34 percent among men aged 18-34.

Some analysts have suggested the increased viewership could also be the result of the box office success of some of the Oscar-nominated films.

MacFarlane received largely mixed reviews for his hosting, but he came under fire from various groups who suggested some of his material was sexist and even anti-Semitic. Some celebrities after the show praised MacFarlane's hosting duties, noting that his off-color humor was expected.

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