Sally Field's 'horrifying' 25-lbs. gain for 'Lincoln'

Field says she replicated Mary Todd Lincoln's size


Daniel Day-Lewis isn't the only actor who transformed to star in "Lincoln."

His co-star Sally Field, who plays President Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd, had to go up a few dress sizes in order to authentically portray the first lady.

"I gained 25 pounds -- she was much heavier, or more round, so we tried to replicate her measurements," Field, 65, recently told CNN. "We had her dress size, because it's documented when they made dress(es) for her ... We replicated what she was, and it wasn't easy. It was sort of horrifying to be a woman of a certain age and to put on 25 pounds."

But it sounds like it was worth it, as Field believes "Lincoln" is director Steven Spielberg's "masterpiece."

"He's an exquisite artist," Field said. "He created a bubble for us as actors and as the people behind the camera in creating the sets and the costumes and the makeup. He really orchestrated (it) with the help of the exquisitely talented Daniel Day-Lewis to allow us all to do our work."

To be honest, that's the kind of immersion Field prefers, but she said that she's "never felt I was in a position to impose it on everyone." Day-Lewis and Spielberg, however, did.

"They said, 'We are going to keep this bubble going for everyone.' So the crew, I never saw them. I never heard them. They were quiet and they dressed in period costume. (Spielberg) dressed in a suit and jacket and tie so that you never felt invaded in your psyche that you were really in a contemporary world and you had to, like, focus to try and get back into the mid-1800s. It was such a gift."