Prince Harry spends night in cold chamber; training for South Pole expedition with wounded warriors

LONDON - Prince Harry has spent the night in a giant freezer to simulate the conditions he will face when he treks to the South Pole this winter.

The 29-year-old royal, who will race with a team of injured British servicemen and women against groups from the United States and the Commonwealth, spent around 20 hours in a cold chamber where he was subjected to temperatures of -35 Celsius (-35 Fahrenheit), with wind speeds of 45 miles per hour.

Alongside four teammates -- all amputees who lost limbs after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan -- Harry tested the clothing he will wear on the 200-mile (320-kilometer) expedition and learned how to avoid frostbite.

When asked Tuesday what the worst part of his overnight experience was, Harry joked: "Going in." 

For more on the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Challenge, watch the video below (mobile users:

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