Nick Lachey tweets about getting kicked out of Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers game

Singer blames ejection on Chargers fan

SAN DIEGO - When celebrity and Cincinnati native Nick Lachey cheered for his home team at Qualcomm Stadium Sunday, it didn't end well for the star.

During the weekend's Bengals v. Chargers game, a spectator shot video on a smartphone of the incident that led to Lachey's ejection. TMZ published the video Monday. The entertainment website pointed out that Lachey as he left the stands with several friends in tow.

A few minutes after being removed, the pop and reality TV star posted "Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn't be prouder! Go Cincy Bengals!" on his Twitter account, which has more than 205,000 followers.

The former 98 Degrees singer, his friends and a couple of Chargers fans missed the final moments as they were all tossed by security.

"Bengals win again. i'd talk trash to everyone in SD, but what's the point? you already had me kicked out of the stadium and you still lost," Lachey tweeted.

"For the record, I was not kicked out of the chargers game for excessive 'trash talking'. no, that honor belonged to the guy in front of me!" Lachey added on Twitter.

"There was a guy in my row, about five seats down that was turned around and yelling back at the guys," said Chargers fan George Kalamaras, who was sitting right in front of Lachey.

Kalamaras brought his nine-year-old son to the game. He even snapped a photo of his son with Lachey at halftime.

"[Lachey was] very nice to my son. Very nice to myself," said Kalamaras. "And his friends were really cool as well. In the beginning, they were cheering and we were high-fiving each other."

It got ugly a few minutes into the third quarter when Kalamaras said Chargers fans started mouthing off with Lachey and his friends. It escalated to pushing and shoving.

Lachey tweeted, "I simply don't appreciate someone turning around and putting their finger in my face. call me crazy, but that deserved a reaction."

Kalamaras said everyone was drinking beer.

"I'd probably have to say it probably contributed to it a little bit on both sides," he told 10News in a phone interview Monday.

Kalamaras added Lachey and his friends were having a good time. He said it was the San Diego fan who took it too far.

"There's a point where you just need to turn around and just cheer for your team," said Kalamaras.

Lachey’s representative released a statement to TMZ saying:

"This was a verbal exchange between sports fans of opposing teams that went too far. While Nick isn't proud of what happened, he did not choke anyone or use defamatory language to any women at the stadium -- which the video tape clearly supports. Nick and his friends were interviewed by police outside the stadium and quickly released with no charges filed. We categorically deny any accusations that say otherwise and would defend against those claims should they arise."

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