Local woman wins a seat near the stars at the 85th Academy Awards

Alana Lang selected in contest for bleacher seats

SAN DIEGO - A local woman is getting to do something thousands of people every year only dream of -- go to the Academy Awards, sort of.

Oscars Special Section

Rancho Bernado resident Alana Lang will be there as the red carpet is rolled out for the 85th Academy Awards on Sunday.

"I picked up this email and I couldn't believe it. I've never won anything in my life," she said.

Lang is one of about 700 people who received an email congratulating her. She was chosen randomly out of about 20,000 entries from fans vying for the now well-known bleacher seats across from where the stars make their entrance.

"This is something I've wanted to do for such a long time," she said.

When the movie "Titanic" won the Oscar for Best Picture 15 years ago, Lang came very close.

"We almost made it to the bleachers, [but] they stopped 13 people before us," Lang told 10News.

Lang has a drawer full of DVDs, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. She has been a film buff since her childhood in Scotland, when her mother would buy Photoplay magazine to keep up with screen favorites like Judy Garland and Paul Newman.

"It's important to me; I know it sounds silly, but it's important to me," said Lang. "You know, my mother's passed away and this is kind of like her dream."

Lang's dream is to see favorite Alec Baldwin, but Anne Hathaway or Hugh Jackman will do.

"My kids are jealous they can't come with me and my husband's kind of jealous, you know," said Lang.

Lang said she just had to take lifelong friend and fellow movie buff Allison Brown, who is flying 6,000 miles from Scotland.

To get this close to stars, Lang things she must have gotten help from them.

"Somewhere in heaven my mother will be smiling at the next Oscars," she said.

As for what she will ear, Lang said she won't be wearing a gown for the bleacher crowd, just comfortable shoes.

Once the stars are inside, fans will be taken to a different location, where they will be served dinner and watch the Oscars on TV.

ABC 10 will air the Academy Awards Sunday at 4 p.m. For more on the Oscars, click here for 10News.com's special section.

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