Local woman serving on nonprofit board talks to 10News about 'Mission Blue' film

SAN DIEGO - A local woman who serves on the board of a nonprofit group behind the upcoming film "Mission Blue" spoke recently with 10News.

"Mission Blue" follows the career of Dr. Sylvia Earle, a researcher who has studied the ocean for decades. The film chronicles her beginnings to her current campaign to make others aware of the critical issues facing the ocean and inspiring them to protect it.

Earle won a TED prize in 2009 and launched the nonprofit group, also named Mission Blue, which aims to establish marine protected areas around the world called "hope spots."

Mission Blue board member and Poway resident Patty Elkus says the film came out of Earle's TED wish.

Elkus says they are not trying to scare people with the film but want to raise awareness.

"When you look out on the ocean, it just looks fine," she said. "It looks beautiful. But when you get out there … you go out kayaking in the shores and you see sea lions with fishing line around them … stuff like that."

Elkus added, "If you just treated the ocean like you would treat your grandmother's garden … would you go and picnic and just leave your garbage all over the place? No."

The film, which was four years in the making, was directed by Fisher Stevens, who co-produced the 2009 documentary "The Cove," and Robert Nixon.

The film will be available to stream on Netflix starting August 15. Elkus says they were excited to learn the film was picked up by the streaming service, which helped films like "Blackfish" become more widespread.

"It's a wonderful audience that I think will be ready to hear the messages that come through 'Mission Blue,'" she said. "I hope (the film) has a long life and really continues to inform and educate, especially our youth."

Watch the trailer for Mission Blue below:

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