Fun facts about classic holiday movie 'A Christmas Story'; film celebrating 30th anniversary

CLEVELAND - It's the Christmas classic complete with a gaudy leg lamp, Red Ryder BB gun and grumpy elves.  But before you sit down for that 24 hour marathon, be sure to check out our list of the things you probably don't know about "A Christmas Story."

"You'll shoot your eye out" is one of the iconic quotes that help define three decades of "A Christmas Story."  Zack Ward was 13-years old when he took the role of bully Scut Farkus.  

"Thirty years later, it's just so bizarre because it just went by in a flash," said Ward.

Ward and Ian Petrella, who played Randy, celebrated the 30th anniversary in Cleveland, Ohio, where you can tour the house used in the film.  

“You walk into the house you walk into the movie, you walk into the moment,” said Ward.  And there are moments you’ve probably missed, even if you’ve watched this classic over and over again.


Randy hides under the sink afraid his dad is going to kill Raphie after his fight with Scut Farkus.  Turns out this scene would have had a much different feel if filmmakers got the actor they originally wanted.  Jack Nicholson was first considered for the old man. 

Also on the list from the folks at “A Christmas Story House,” Melinda Dillon, who played the mom, was the only actor unaware the duck being served at the Chinese restaurant would still have a head, so those are real screams coming from her.

Second, look for the often overlooked gift on the floor near Randy Christmas morning.  It’s a nod to the director’s work in b-horror films.  There’s actually a Frankenstein mask that is behind him.

Third, in the final scene, loved by many, mom and dad are watching snow fall, but it’s actually potato flakes flying.  In 1983, it was too cold to snow.

Now 44, Zack Ward is a working actor in Hollywood, but he knows no matter what project he does he’ll always be Scut Farkus.  

“I’m pretty sure that when I die it’ll be the bully from Christmas Story will be on my tombstone.  That’s pretty awesome,”  said Ward.

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