Former 10News anchor Jack White talks about consulting on Anchorman movie

Filmmakers turn to 10News for inspiration

SAN DIEGO - When the filmmakers wanted to find out about being an anchorman in San Diego they turned to former 10News anchor Jack White.

White was an anchor at 10News in the seventies. He helped the film with the look and feel of San Diego TV News back then.  

“They wanted to know what a newsroom looked like in the seventies. There were no computers just all old typewriters,” White said.

And then there is the look of Will Ferrell in the Anchorman movie, inspired by another 10News anchor Harold Greene.

The filmmakers found some old pictures in White’s scrapbooks and the look of Ron Burgundy was born.  

“The first time I saw Will Ferrell in make-up and I thought it was Harold Greene. I looked up and said ‘What’s Harold doing here?’”

In the movie, Ron Burgundy is shall we say, not the sharpest knife in the drawer. That part is not Harold Greene.

“The Ron Burgundy character is a composite of a lot of people. It is not Harold Greene, it is not anyone hopefully we ever knew,” White said.

The seventies were fun times at channel ten. Harold, Jack, Mike Ambrose and some sports guy with really bad hair and a leisure suit – Hal Clement.

“They made me wear that, but for some reason I thought I looked really good,” Clement said.

Back to the movie, yes it is set in San Diego but the movie is not what it was really like at 10News back then.

“It isn’t true. It is a great comedy, it is a great parody on what goes on but it isn’t true,” White said.

It is just for laughs.

Harold Greene moved to Los Angeles and told 10News the whole thing is kind of flattering.

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