Final four contestants prepare for 'Dancing with the Stars' finale

“Dancing with the Stars” is getting ready to crown the champion of season 17 after the remaining four couples perform at least four more dances.

On Monday night, the final four will perform three dances, including one the judges chose, a samba relay, and the ever popular freestyle.

The judges picked a quickstep for Disney star and likely winner Corbin Bleu and Karina. This should be no problem for Corbin; unfortunately, it will not showcase his amazing dancing talents like a faster dance would.

Corbin tweeted, “No matter what happens next week on the #DWTS finals, I'm very happy that I had the privilege to learn… .”

The judges want actress Amber Riley and Derek to do the Charleston. The Charleston seems kind of tame for Amber; hopefully Derek’s crazy choreography can spice it up.

Amber tweeted, “I am confident about the work we did this week! I have been so blessed to have@derekhough as a partner! No matter what happens I am happy!”

The judges will have reality star Jack Osbourne and Cheryl jive. Fast dances are not Jack’s strong suit, so this may not bode well for his scores.

Jack tweeted, “Man. This is getting so tense. Who do ya think is gonna win? #DWTS .”

The judges want comedian Bill Engvall and Emma do to the Viennese waltz. This should work well for Bill – and just about guarantee his spot in the finals – because he is much more impressive in slower ballroom dances than the faster ones.

Bill tweeted, “Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday. Thanks for your support and love. It's been a blast.@EmmaSlaterDance #engvalldwts @DancingABC .”

All four remaining couples will perform three dances Monday night, then one star will be eliminated Tuesday night, when the finale airs at 9 p.m. Corbin, Amber and Jack are likely to make it through to Tuesday, unless if low-scoring Bill once again rallies up enough viewer votes to bump Jack out. On Tuesday’s finale, the three remaining couples will take part in the 24-hour fusion challenge. Not sure what that is, but it sounds forced. Should be fun.

The competition continues Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC 10.

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