Metallica puts on secret concert: Band at Comic-Con to promote new movie 'Through the Never'

SAN DIEGO - Metallica played a private concert on at the Spreckels Theatre downtown on Friday evening. The band is in town promoting their new IMAX 3D film entitled "Through the Never."

Tickets to the concert were extremely hard to come by. Some won them through raffles and radio station giveaways. Those who could not get them were out willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get their hands on one.

Only a select group of die-hard Metallica fans were lucky enough to get their hands on tickets for Friday night's sold-out "secret" show.

"I found someone who didn't want their tickets who was selling them," said fan Ric Lentz. "People were offering like $40. I said $120 bucks ... She gave them to me."

The show was so secret that the band's name was not even listed on the Spreckels marquee.

"We won them off the radio station today, Rock 105.3," said fan Marcy Kelling.

Fan Carlos Valdez drove all the way from Mazatlan.

"Twenty-four hours driving all the way here … for Comic-Con and we had some tickets," he said.

Earlier, 10News caught up with Metallica at Comic-Con. They were in town talking about and promoting their debut film on IMAX 3D, "Metallica Through the Never."     

"It's pretty cool," said Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. "It was unique in that we knew we were filming for 3D cameras and so we had to, like, kind of like, make that adjustment and we had to play to the cameras a little bit more."

Throughout the film, Metallica performs as the star actor of the film plays the part of a roadie, intertwined with the band.

"The band is never not the band," said IMAX producer Charlotte Huggins. "They're never off stage. No behind the scenes, no documentary footage … It's all dramatic feature film."

If you didn't get a chance to see the band perform at the Spreckels Theatre on Friday night, you will have to wait until September to experience the next best thing.            

The movie opens in 300 IMAX theaters on Sept. 27 and in regular theaters Oct. 4.

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