Justin Bieber's mom learned of latest drama on the Internet

JUSTIN BIEBER's mom learned of her son's latest drama just like everyone else - on the Internet.

Pattie Mallette reveals she was relaxing at home on Tuesday (26Mar13) when news broke that police officers had been called to her son's Calabasas, California house to investigate a battery report.

The Baby singer allegedly fought with a neighbor outside his home after the local came to complain about the noise Bieber and his friends were creating.

Reports suggest the neighbor was particularly upset by the delivery of a new Ferrari, which Bieber and his buddies drove up and down the street.

Mallette admits she found out about the drama as she was surfing the web.

She tells news show Access Hollywood Live, "It's crazy... Sometimes I learn things on the Internet just like everybody else and that was the story... I just got back from being on tour with him."

And she still can't believe her son got into trouble on his day off: "He's only been here 24 hours. He's back on tour now."

Bieber's mom admits it's tough reading all the negative stories about her son in the media, revealing. "I've gotta let go a little and let him make some of his own decisions and I'm sure you can appreciate how, as a mom, I feel when I read some of these stories.

"He's growing up. He's 19 and he's not my baby and I wanna be able to take away free will sometimes and be able to do everything for him."

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