'Catfish' producer Nev Schulman investigating Manti Te'o online girlfriend hoax

Nev Schulman claims he spoke with woman involved

The host and executive producer of MTV's "Catfish: The TV Show" says he is investigating Manti Te'o's girlfriend hoax.

Nev Schulman tweeted Wednesday night, "I have been in contact with the woman involved and will get the truth."

"Catfish" producers track down people in online relationships to reveal whether they are who they said they are.

Te'o, a star linebacker for the Notre Dame football team, says he knew his online girlfriend as Lennay Kekua, and believed she had died of leukemia.

Wednesday night, Notre Dame officials said Te'o was tricked in an elaborate hoax. Notre Dame said it used an investigative firm to dig into the details after Te'o disclosed the hoax to them three weeks ago.

The hoax was disclosed hours after Deadspin.com posted a lengthy story, saying it could find no record that Kekua ever existed.

Often, revealing the truth behind someone's online profile is as simple as using Google's Image search tool. You simply go to Google, click Images, and then click on the camera icon next to the search box. You can upload a photo or paste in the URL for an image. 

By hovering the mouse over each image, you get more information -- usually the person's name.  If the same image comes up more than once with different names, it could be a sign someone is using the photo for a fake online profile.

The results will vary based on facial expressions and the background of the photo.  When we tried it with  a photo of 7NEWS morning anchor Mitch Jelniker, it came back with images of Ben Stiller, Michael Douglas, Dermot Mulroney and a man with a giant tumor (see photos above).


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