Woman's headache turns out to be attack by flesh-eating maggots in her ear canal

Doctors: Fly eggs laid in ear during trup to Peru

A woman in England says the headaches and scratching sounds she was hearing in her head turned out to be an attack by flesh-eating maggots crawling through her ear canal.

According to Reuters, 27-year-old Rochelle Harris had just returned from a vacation in Peru when she said she woke up one morning with head pain and found liquid on her pillow.

Harris said she remembered shooing a fly away from her ear while in Peru but had no clue that was the precursor to being eaten from within.

Doctors at Royal Derby Hospital said they only discovered the intruders after Harris complained about a possible ear infection. That's when a small amount of maggots were found deep in her ear.

However, as doctors worked to flush the maggots out of her ear canal using olive oil, they described finding it "writhing mass of maggots."

Fearing that the hungry larva were nearing her brain, Harris was rushed into surgery where doctors said they removed eight New World Army Screw Worm maggots.

Reuters reported that an analysis determined that the maggots came from eggs laid inside of her ear.

Harris is sharing her story on a new documentary series in the United Kingdom called "Bugs, Bites and Parasites" to be aired this weekend on Discovery Channel.

Read the full story: http://reut.rs/1bLrak9


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