Viral August double moon Facebook post a hoax

CINCINNATI - Every August, thanks in part to social media, many Americans look to the sky believing Mars will be as large as the moon.

But if you’re one of those people, you’re going to be disappointed.

Emails and social media have been spreading this false information since 2003, claiming the sky will appear to have a double moon due to Mars' distance from the Earth, WCPO-TV reported.

According to the Cincinnati Observatory, Mars was the closest and brightest it had been in nearly 60,000 years in 2003 -- but still only appeared as a fairly dim reddish-looking star.

With this hoax still circulating the Internet at this time of year, members of the Cincinnati Observatory say they get phone calls often. 

But here’s the bottom line: Mars will not appear as large as the full moon on August 27, 2013 – nor will it appear as large as a full moon in Earth’s sky ever. The emails -- or social media posts -- are a hoax.

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