VIDEO: San Diego gets 'Happy'

Video made for International Day of Happiness

SAN DIEGO - Thursday is International Day of Happiness, and musician Pharrell Williams and the United Nations Foundation are collaborating to help the world celebrate.

"Today showed the power of what happens when people come together around something they believe in," said Aaron Sherinian, Vice President for Public Relations of the UN Foundation. "It raises awareness and funds, and has raised the level of volume of humanity in support of the UN. Pharrell Williams has created a pop-up community for global good that can help change lives and change the conversation everywhere."

According to a press release:

"Throughout the day, Pharrell has spotlighted videos of people demonstrating their happiness to his chart-topping, worldwide hit 'Happy' at With an unbelievable and overwhelming amount of participation from people literally everywhere, Pharrell has just announced an encore play of the roughly 200 chosen videos from nearly every single time zone starting this evening at 5 p.m. Pacific time."

In San Diego, the team of Tina Soebbing, Eamon Long, Wayne Brubaker and Rafael Chanee created their own video for Pharrell's "Happy." It features numerous San Diegans and shows some iconic locations in America's Finest City.

Watch the video below (mobile users

Some filmmakers in Tijuana, Mexico, created their own version last month. Watch it below (mobile users

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