VIDEO: Good Samaritan helps ducklings onto sidewalk in Bonita

BONITA, Calif. - Video filmed by a 10News viewer shows a Good Samaritan helping a family of ducks in Bonita.

The video, which was filmed by Gloria Andrade on Monday morning, shows a family of ducks in distress near Rohr Park.

Andrade said the mother duck had managed to stop traffic on Bonita Road so she and her ducklings could cross.

When the mother duck reached the curb, she was able to jump onto the sidewalk. However, the tiny ducklings were not able to make the jump.

A Good Samaritan who saw that the duck family was having trouble gently helped the ducklings onto the curb as the mother duck waited anxiously for them.

Once they cleared the obstacle and were reunited, the family of ducks waddled away.

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