SDSU student campaign video raises eyebrows

Luke Dzierzanowski's video shows bikini-clad girls

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego State University student's campaign video is raising plenty of eyebrows.

Voting ends Thursday at 7 p.m. for SDSU's Associated Students election, but much of the talk surrounds student Luke Dzierzanowski, who is running to become The College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts representative.

On March 10, Dzierzanowski released a short clip on YouTube that shows him silently smoking a cigar as four girls dressed in bikinis play in a swimming pool, jump on a trampoline and then -- in unison -- proclaim, "We're voting for Luke. Are you?"

As of Thursday afternoon, the video has nearly 1,600 views, with 11 "likes" and 17 "dislikes."

In an article posted Thursday on the Daily Aztec website, writer Anthony Berteaux wrote, "Do we really want this candidate to represent SDSU? Do we want the public to think we chose someone who would sexually objectify these girls?"

Additionally, Berteaux said, "... it's hard to take his leadership abilities seriously if he's going to approach the elections through degrading attention-grabbing gimmicks."

In response to the article, Dzierzanowski posted this comment below Berteaux's story:

Hello Anthony Berteaux, while I appreciate your concern for SDSU and SDSU's image to the public, I believe that a point you brought up yourself will make you realize why I chose to campaign the way that I did. "While I must commend Dzierzanowski for being the only memorable candidate, as I can't even recall the other candidates' names" is a key part in my opinion. Did you know that last year 18 percent of the student body voted for A.S. Elections? I think we can both agree that number is much lower than it should be. The job of a representative is to represent the students and be their link to the faculty and administration. I believe in order to do that successfully, more than 18 percent of the school needs to know who you are. If you couldn't remember the other candidates names, who would you go to if you had a suggestion for the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts? I understand that not everyone agrees with my commercial or likes it, but hopefully all PSFA Students remember it and remember my name.

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