Ron Burgundy interviews Denver QB Peyton Manning for ESPN's SportsCenter

Comedian Will Ferrell's news anchor persona Ron Burgnudy interviewed Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning for an upcoming segment on ESPN's SportsCenter.

ESPN published a 1:18 preview of the interview on YouTube.

It begins, in typical Burgundy fashion, with a question about facial hair.

"You are one of the great quarterbacks playing the game today. You've had a lot of success, and yet you've done it all without a mustache. You're running around out there and -- I'll be honest with you -- you look like a succulent baby lamb," Ferrell says.

Manning takes a moment to think of a response.

"I guess, to tell you the truth, I never had much of a desire to grow any facial hair," the quarterback eventually says. "I think I've managed to play quarterback okay without a mustache."

The preview of the Dec. 5 interview is Ferrell's second on-air appearance in character as Anchorman 2 is scheduled to open on Dec. 18. Over the weekend, he appeared as Burgundy on KXMB news in Bismarck, N.D. and co-anchored a newscast.

Watch the ESPN video clip below (mobile users: 

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