Kitten pulled from Los Angeles sewer attacks rescuers, flees

LOS ANGELES - A kitten may have come close this morning to using all of its nine lives after spending two days trapped in a South Los Angeles sewer, but when freedom finally came as a result of a joint effort by LAPD officers and City of L.A firefighters, the churlish feline attacked his rescuers, then fled.

 "Two of our officers -- Axcel Mannoury and Brian Preston -- were flagged down around 1:15 a.m., near the intersection of Avalon Boulevard and 83rd Street, by a resident who told them a cat had been stuck inside a sewer for a couple of days," said Lt. Darrell Belthius, watch commander at the Los Angeles Police Department's 77th Street Station.

"The officers tried to free the crying cat and then contacted the fire department who came out and removed the grate from the sewer," Belthius said.

The kitten was tiny, gray and white, and appeared to be just a few months old, a news photographer reported from the scene.

The lieutenant said his officers managed to coax the frightened kitten out from inside the sewer. "But they said it came out like a Tasmanian devil," Belthius said. "They said it tried to bite and scratch everyone and then took off for parts unknown."

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