Golden Corral Dumpster video goes viral; employee says restaurant hides food during inspections

An employee at a Florida Golden Corral restaurant has blown the lid off of the restaurant’s alleged filthy little secret -- he says they store meat by the Dumpster, the Daily Dot reports.

A video called "All You Can Eat Ribs" recorded by employee Brandon Huber shows him walking to the Dumpster, where trays of raw burger patties, ribs and other foods can be seen, surrounded with flies. Huber says management at the Golden Corral hides the food in the unsanitary location during health inspections.

"I’m an employee, I've been working here for a long time, and I don’t think this is right," he said in his video.

The YouTube user whose channel is hosting the video, "Ben Jammin" claims Huber tried to file a complaint with management and tried to notify the Volusia County Health department about the unsanitary practices, but he got nowhere.

Watch the video below (mobile users:

Another Reddit poster, who says she works at a Golden Corral, posted photos of the dirty, disheveled kitchen at her restaurant. Click to read the Daily Dot’s compete report.

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