Georgia man loses his wallet while waterskiing, returned 24 years later

ACWORTH, Ga. - A Georgia man who lost his wallet while waterskiing in North Carolina now has it back -- 24 years later.

Burton Maugans of Acworth told WSB-TV that he received a call from a stranger who knew his age, his name and his birth date. Maugans says he realized fairly quickly the stranger had found his wallet because it's the only one he'd ever lost.

The Georgia man says he was 18 when he went into the water with his wallet and it disappeared somewhere near Holden Beach in North Carolina. North Carolina resident Jim Parker found it recently and searched the Internet for its owner.

The wallet arrived in the mail in Georgia on Thursday. It still contained Maugans' high school identification from 1987, a library card and even an old bank card.

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