Family sees 'Guardian Angel' in photo; son who died in Oklahoma tornado appears in new image

MOORE, Okla. - It’s been six months since a family in Moore, Okla., lost their son in May’s tornadoes, but they think 9-year-old Nicolas McCabe is still with them.

According to KWTV, Nicolas’ father, Scott McCabe, thinks his son appeared in a photo he took of his niece, Madison, on the Fourth of July.

"Nicolas loved the Fourth of July and he loved firecrackers," McCabe told the TV station.

Madison was supposed to be playing alone with a sparkler, but in a cell phone picture the family took, it didn’t seem that way.

"My brother, when he saw it, he said the hair stood up on his neck," McCabe added, according to KWTV, calling what he sees in the photo a "guardian angel."

McCabe said that he sees two different people in the photo of Madison and thinks one of them is his son.

Nicolas died at Plaza Tower Elementary when a tornado hit Moore on May 20.

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