Del Mar man wins $1 million off Scratchers ticket, says he wants to use winnings to pay it forward

SAN DIEGO - A Del Mar man will be cashing in on $1 million after purchasing a winning Scratchers ticket. He bought the lottery ticket at work, but it is what he plans on doing with the money that has some talking.

Craig Misewicz is overjoyed to become a millionaire. He shared with 10News photos moments after he got the big check – all from a $10 Scratchers ticket.

10News spoke with him by phone because he is out of state visiting friends.

"I had been feeling it," Misewicz said. "I had been feeling kind of lucky and I had gone on a streak from the 20th on, where I had won a Daily Derby and a $100 Scratcher at CVS, $100 at Ralphs."

His lucky streak continued earlier this month, when he purchased two California Gold tickets at Del Mar Wine Company, which is where he works.

Misewicz's boss, Ravi Zora, said Misewicz remained calm but kept his sense of humor.

"He fell on the ground over here and I'm like, 'What are you doing on the ground?' He's like, "I'm sick, help me up.' So, I picked him up and he starts laughing and says, 'Ah, you just picked up a millionaire,'" said Zora.

Misewicz said, "I've only told my kids and a few close friends … not really into all the publicity behind it. I've already had people come to my house because they've heard."

Misewicz is not planning on buying a car or a new home. Instead, he wants to help others.

"I've always been a pay-it-forward kind of guy," he said. "I don't know exactly what I'm going to do. I haven't thought about it, but I'll do something creative, whether it be through my grade school, or high school, or college, or somebody that's doing something amazing. We'll figure something out."

He will get paid in one lump sum in March and in case you are wondering, he is planning on going back to work.

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