Couple plans wedding 'redo' after emergency surgery postpones first ceremony

Wedding vendors offering discounts for second try

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Brett Guggenmos and fiancé Alicia Wilburn are calling their upcoming nuptials “The Wedding: Take Two.”

The two are keeping the mood light after emergency brain surgery canceled their first ceremony.

The pair was supposed to get married in Liberty, Mo., in April. The day before the wedding, Alicia was getting her nails done with her bridesmaids when she says she suddenly started slurring her speech. Her maid of honor called her mother as they rushed Alicia to the hospital.

"I had a few headaches," Alicia said about the weeks leading up to her wedding.

She had gone skiing and hit her head six weeks before. After, she had gone to several doctors who told her she was fine and likely had a sinus infection.

Even her doctor at the hospital thought her condition was minor but ordered a scan just in case. The scan revealed a chronic subdural hematoma; the large clot was days from likely killing Alicia.

"We were going to go to Mexico on Monday," she said. "I would have been on a plane and they said the pressure on the plane probably would have dislodged things. I'm supposed to be here for whatever reason."

The couple's wedding vendors gave them discounts for their second wedding which will be Friday.

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