Alaska town roots for feline mayor's swift recovery after dog attack

Stubbs celebrating 15th year as Talkeetna's mayor

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The honorary mayor of a tiny Alaska town is noticeably absent this week, when he should be hanging out at the general store or sipping his water-catnip concoction from a wine glass at the pub next door.

Instead, Stubbs the cat is sedated and under veterinary care after he was badly injured in a vicious attack by a loose dog in Talkeetna, a quirky community of 900 that elected him in a write-in campaign 15 years ago. Talkeetna has no human mayor.

Stubbs' owner, Lauri Stec, says Saturday's attack left the cat with a fractured sternum, punctured lung, bruised hips and a deep gash on his side.

Stec has reported the attack to borough animal control officials.

Stubbs gained multiple fans outside of Alaska when word got out about his role in town.

Watch a video courtesy of ITN on Stubbs' 15-year mayoralty (mobile users:

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