Team 10: San Diego rental company lost license, must pay restitution

Company rated ‘F' with BBB

SANN DIEGO - A San Diego rental company run by a woman Team 10 has investigated for years, lost its license with the California Department of Real Estate, and now must pay restitution to people who got bad rental information.

The city of San Diego filed a six-count criminal complaint against Laverne Bosse, who ran Rent San Diego Properties. Prosecutors said Bosse would give buyers outdated and inaccurate information on rental lists.

One person who paid for the service was Kyle Jones. He made a trip to San Diego from Tuscon to find an apartment, and he had one week to find a new home. Jones paid $88 for a list of available rentals.

"Half of them weren't even legitimate rentals and the others -- I contacted the rentals -- and the landlord was like, 'Oh, I rented that two months ago, three months ago," said Jones.

Prosecutors say that was common practice for Bosse, the owner of Rent San Diego Properties. They said she would charge for a rental list filled with old or misleading listings.

"This is a bad deal for consumers because the information she was providing was free on craigslist and wasn't accurate," said Deputy City Attorney Kathryn Turner.

Team 10 confronted Laverne Bosse in 2009 after receiving dozens of complaints from buyers over the years. At that time, Bosse told Team 10, "We can't satisfy everybody. We can only only show you what's out there for rent."

The San Diego City Attorney's Office received a report about "Rent Sand Diego Properties" from state department of Real Estate. City attorneys also received additional complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

"This company has been 'F' rated with us for a long time," said Sheryl Bilbrey, president of the BBB of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Under California law, pre-paid rental services must check the accuracy of their listings every four days.

Bosse pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count and she could pay a fine up to $1,000. She also must pay full restitution to the four victims who are a part of the city's complaint.

"Most importantly, she will not be able to hold a liscense with the Department of Real Estate," said Turner.

Team 10 tried to talk to Bosse, but she never returned calls.

For more information, click here for a consumer alert by the Department of Real Estate.

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