Mitch Blacher

Investigative reporter Mitch Blacher uncovers corruption, challenges the status quo, and digs for the truth. His passion for investigative journalism comes from having the chance to right wrongs and generate positive change.

A multiple Emmy award-winning journalist, Mitch's reports have landed people in prison and led to law changes. For three straight years he's been honored by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association for exposing government waste.
He's uncovered mismanagement in California's court system. His questions have led to surprising admissions by those in charge of protecting America's borders. His digging revealed questions about whether one of America's most trusted youth organizations did enough to protect children from pedophiles.
Before coming to San Diego, Mitch worked as a full time investigative reporter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he led an investigation into the city's future water supply. His reporting revealed mold floating in purified water samples. The continuing coverage led to extensive testing before the new water system flowed into New Mexican's homes.
Mitch graduated with a degree in Journalism from Indiana University.
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