KGTV's Team 10 featured in editorial cartoon

KGTV, the Scripps-owned ABC affiliate in San Diego, has proof its coverage of Mayor Bob Filner the past month has struck a nerve in the community.

Team 10 has been closely following and reporting on the mayor’s forceful removal of a top lawyer from a closed-session meeting and a justice department investigation involving an apartment complex the mayor is involved in building.

After the controversy erupted over the mayor’s behavior during a closed-door meeting, the mayor accused other attendees of leaking confidential information to 10 News.

Neil Obermeyer, an editorial cartoonist featured in the San Diego Reader, gave his take on the situation with a cartoon that appeared in the June 26, 2013 edition.

“You know you’re getting attention in the community when the newspaper makes a cartoon about one of your stories,” said Jay Maloney, director of multi-platform marketing at KGTV and Azteca San Diego.

Team 10 reports Filner's popularity is slipping after weeks of criticism at City Hall.  You can read more here.

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