10News wins several San Diego Press Club awards

10News, the Scripps ABC affiliate in San Diego, won several awards at the San Diego Press Club awards Oct. 23, 2012.

Team 10 (formerly the I-Team) swept the major investigative awards, taking home five first place awards.

The stories included reports on “Policing the Police”, “California Court Management”, “Boy Scout Confidential Files”, “Drugging Seniors”, and “Pacific Steel Recycling Pollution”.

“Great job by JW August, senior investigative producer, Mitch Blacher, investigative reporter, Felicia Kit, investigative producer, Arie Thanasoulis, investigative photographer, and Matt Burrow, graphic artist, on these stories,” said Joel Davis, news director for KGTV. “The awards are a nice recognition of the original, local, and significant content we aspire to at 10News.   With the recent additions to the unit, we look forward to more great stories in the year ahead!”

Since Scripps purchased KGTV 10News, the company has expanded the KGTV investigative presence, adding Cristin Severance, consumer investigator, and Ellen McGregor, special projects executive producer. Both joined the station recently from WEWS in Cleveland.

"It really shows Scripps commitment to investigative journalism that they have further bolstered our unit," said Davis.

Steve Fiorina, reporter for KGTV, won first place for best breaking news coverage for his work on the border shooting and the Colorado fires.  Fiorina also won first place for best news feature/same.

The Southwestern College journalism department publically thanked Joe Little, multimedia journalist for KGTV, for bringing their story to air about a fight with the administration after they published negative information about the school.   The publicity from the story made the school back off and was a nice victory for freedom of the press.

10News radio partner, KOGO, won the Wildcard Category for its coverage of a county-wide blackout.

“Much of their coverage was carrying audio from our non-stop coverage,” said Davis. “I have told many of you this, but on that night when people had no power and therefore couldn’t watch their TVs, KOGO had their first-ever million listener night.   So, while people may have had difficulty seeing the great work you did that night, a huge number of people had their portable radios or sat in their cars and heard it!”

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